Steve Harrison for Congress

By David Swanson

I’m not going to join in promoting the idea that drunk driving and adultery are political positions worthy of voters’ endless scrutiny and titillation, but as long as a congress member as disastrous in his policy positions as Vito Fossella is on the ropes for some dumb reasons, it’s worth noting that we have the opportunity to replace him with someone who actually shares our beliefs and might even act on them.

Steve Harrison is a Democrat challenging Republican Fossella in New York’s 13th district. Harrison supports single-payer healthcare, opposes further funding for the occupation of Iraq and would bring the troops safely home, would end NAFTA/WTO, supports marriage equality, would abolish the death penalty, and would impeach Cheney and Bush. He has the national endorsement of Progressive Democrats of America.

In fact, Harrison is so good that the Democratic Party leaders in Washington are fishing around for someone less progressive they can run against him. Let’s nip that idea in the bud by demonstrating that we can put our money where our hearts are. Go here and give what you can:

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