13 April 2000

As discussed in the March 16 Culpeper News, the tenants in four houses owned by Wayne Lenn and his brothers in Culpeper County have been without safe water at least since December. The Lenns have now returned from wintering in Florida and plan to have Leazer Drilling Co. Inc. drill a new well on the property in Stevensburg. As soon as they do so, Wayne Lenn said, they will pour cement down the old well and also down an even older one on the site has not been used for years.

One of the tenants, Doyne Shrader, has had some tests done on the contaminated water, but he has not yet had one done to identify whether the fecal coliform in it is human or from cattle or other animals.

Shrader and his neighbors began noticing problems with their water late last year after biosolids were applied to land adjacent to where they live. Lenn now says sludge use is the

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