Shrub by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose

This book is a warning not to elect George W. and of course it’s too late, he’s already been appointed. But it will remain useful far into the future to be able to read such an accurate prediction of what sort of president this clown was going to be. Just as people in the future will be curious to examine what exactly our knowledge of global warming was while we went about creating it, some will be curious to read what knowledge we had of this walking catastrophe before we nearly elected him.

With this book we stand convicted of the most wide-eyed and aware political masochism. Every nasty trait exhibited by Shrub since he planted himself in the White House had already been analyzed by Ivins and Dubose. Each revelation that there was no compassion in the promoter of “compassionate conservatism” had been foreseen. The psychopathic inability to feel doubt, regret, humility, or concern had been documented, chronicled, and lamented before Georgie had left Texas.

Never forget it.

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