September Showdown or Sellout? The Choice is Ours!

Congress returns on September 4th after a month’s vacation. It has been 8 months since this Congress took power with a mandate to end the occupation of Iraq and hold Bush and Cheney to the rule of law. This Congress has funded the occupation, legalized unconstitutional spying, and promised never to impeach. Will this trend continue? Can we afford to allow it to? We have killed over a million people, and the death rate is double this year what it was last year, according to the Associated Press.

There are signs that the tide may be turning. A serious movement in Congress to impeach Gonzales helped lead to his departure. Twenty congress members of conscience have signed onto articles of impeachment for Cheney. Congressman John Conyers says he wants impeachment proponents to come to his office to urge him on (watch the video). And 70 congress members have committed to oppose funding the occupation, while funding a withdrawal by January 2009 or sooner.

What can we do to push Congress in the direction of peace and justice? Big marches are planned for the 15th and the 29th in Washington, but the pressure will be all month long. September has something for everyone!

There are local events all over the country on the September calendar. Here are some of the most exciting national (and international) dates:

Aug. 29 – Sept. 2: International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, La.:

Aug. 31 – Sept. 1: People’s Poll and Peace Rally in Ft. Worth, Texas. This will be a huge protest at the time and place where the Republican Party is planning to have 20,000 delegates from throughout the U.S. and all of the Republican presidential candidates attend their Straw Poll Convention:

Sept. 4: Stand watch over Congress! Join us in the gallery and STAND to show we are watching what this Congress does:

Sept. 6: Call Congress! This one is for everybody. Call your representative and your two senators at 202-224-3121. Tell them: I want you to act now to end the war and occupation of Iraq. The Congress has the Constitutional right and a moral responsibility to use the power of the purse to withdraw all U.S. soldiers and contractors from Iraq on a rapid and binding schedule. Four and a half years of this war is too long – it has to end now!

Sept. 7: Choose Peace Concert! Emma’s Revolution, Randi Driscoll, Free Radicalz, and more, in New York City:

Sept. 8-16: Vacation for Peace in Italy!
The people of Vicenza, Italy, have been struggling against the construction of a proposed new U.S. military base in their city. They have organized a week of camping, actions, debates, rallies, concerts and initiatives. Join them:

Sept. 8: The War and Rural America! Farmers and veterans meet in New York City:

Sept. 11: March of the People Arrives in DC just in time for the White House’s expected sales pitch for extending the occupation:

Sept. 11: Washington, D.C.: 3 PM to 7 AM following day, all night vigil in front of Tower Guard, by the Capitol Building, with the Action Response Team reading 12,000 impeachment cards with messages from people all over the Country to impeach Bush and Cheney! Come join and read some of these incredible hand written messages:

Sept. 12: “Tell the Truth” event outside your local media outlet:

Sept. 12: 11 AM, deliver 12,000 impeachment messages to Nancy Pelosi personally. All are welcome to attend and stay for a nice chat with the Democratic Leader!

Sept. 14-21: Days of Decision, nonviolent action at congressional offices to end the occupation of Iraq:


Thousands of Americans from around the country will join together in Washington, D.C., to demand the impeachment of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and insist on the immediate end to the occupation in Iraq. Please join us:

Or hold a local event:

Use the occassion of September 15 to hold an impeachment rally in your town. You’ll find big marches in Alabama, Kansas, and Florida on the calendar, and several more here. Hold your own. Visit your congress member’s offices. Hold a Honk-to-Impeach event. Hold a sit-in. Screen a video. Event resources are here:

Sept. 16: Lobby training in Washington, D.C., and organizing meetings, issue briefings, legislative updates, state caucuses. Grassroots America, Iraq Vets Against the War, A.N.S.W.E.R., Veterans for Peace, AfterDowningStreet, and many other organizations have planned a full day of opportunities for networking and advocacy training:

Sept. 17: Constitution Day, Goodbye Gonzo Day, and National Truth in Recruiting Day: Iraq Veterans Against the War is launching a Truth in Recruiting campaign on September 17, 2007. IVAW chapters around the country, including Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, will be holding local events, but you don’t need an IVAW chapter in your area to participate:

Sept. 18: Congressional Challenge Day: If you can be in Washington, D.C., plan to go with us to visit your Congress Member and Senators:

Sept. 20: Rivers of Blood – A Day of Non-Violent Resistance in DC: There will be a legal and logistical briefing on September 19 at 6:30 p.m. followed by a day of nonviolent action on Capitol Hill:

Sept. 20: Protest Racism in Jena, La. On September 20th, Mychal Bell–the first of the Jena 6 to be convicted–is scheduled for sentencing. If the District Attorney has his way, Mychal will face 22 years in prison. It’s a horrifying moment for Mychal, his parents, and the rest of the Jena 6 families. It’s also a perfect time for those who can to come to Jena, in person, and stand with them:

Sept. 21: International Day of Peace / Iraq Moratorium Day! On September 21 and on every subsequent Third Friday, millions of Americans will break with their daily routine to take some concrete step to demand an end to the war and the return home of the troops. The hallmark will be the wearing of black ribbons and armbands, in mourning for all of those who have died in this senseless adventure: Also in Spanish:

Sept. 25: New York City, NY: 8:30 AM to ALL DAY LONG: George Bush visits the UN General Assembly, we will not allow the time of his visit to go unnoticed! Join in marches around the city, acts of CD, and lots of other events to show the world we want the war criminal out of our city!

Sept. 22-29: Stop the War at Home and Abroad! Troops Out Now! Impeach Bush & Cheney for War Crimes! End All Occupations — from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti to the Philippines!

SEPT 22-29: Encampment in Front of Congress to STOP the War (will include an Impeachment Day)

Parallel Encampment and Demo in Los Angeles

SEPTEMBER 29: National March on Washington:


The Next War

Through it all, we need to keep up the pressure to prevent an attack on Iran. Please sign the petition, read the latest news, and be prepared:

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