Sarah L. Palin Will You Please Go Now!

The time has come.
The time has come.
The time is now.
Just go.
I don’t care how.
You can go by moose.
You can go by cow.
Sarah L. Palin will you please go now!
You can wear those boots.
You can show your knees.
You can don that hat.
But please go.
You can bring a
comb, a
mirror, a
brush, a
first class ticket
on the bus to
You can wear two
identical right-foot
dress up shoe.
Just go, go, GO!
Please do, do, DO!
Sarah L. Palin,
I don’t care how.
Sarah L. Palin,
will you please
As long as you stay
I won’t feel well.
Please please GO now,
Sarah L.
You can go by balloon
or broomstick OR
You can wait
For a great
Black helicoptor.
You can steal the cost
Of a private jet.
I don’t care how you go.
Just GET!

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