Rove's Ruminations and Revisions

By David Swanson

I haven’t read Karl Rove’s book and don’t plan to, but this is what I gather from those who have.

Despite serving on the White House Iraq Group and lying about the war, Rove claims everyone was careful not to overstate or exaggerate.

Despite having routinely told Fox News what the news would be, Rove now blames himself for not being aggressive enough in pushing his lies into the media.

Despite having pushed WMD lies after settling on that as the best approach to creating an already determined war, Rove now pretends that without the WMDs (or belief in them) even Bush wouldn’t have wanted to go to war.

Despite exposure of lies tying Iraq to 9-11, Rove is still claiming Iraq-Al Qaeda ties in the book.

Despite the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the war lies being a public document, Rove claims it didn’t find the lying it found.

Rove blames the Democrats for having gone along with the war lies, as if that excuses anybody.

Despite his publicized scorn and mockery for religious voters, Rove pretends to be religious.

Despite his fingerprints, he denies a role in exposing Valerie Plame, trashing Max Cleland, and other misdeeds.

As far as I know he doesn’t even mention his handiwork in getting US Attorneys hired and fired and driving politically-based prosecutions forward of people like Don Siegelman and Paul Minor.

Rove praises torture, lies about healthcare, and lies extensively about Al Gore.

I keep coming back in my mind to the comment of the judge in Iowa who learned that the people on trial before him had attempted to make a citizens arreat of Karl Rove. The judge remarked: “It’s about time!”

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