Reference Letter from Steve Cobble

From Steve Cobble, Political Strategist

To Whom It May Concern:

David Swanson is quite possibly the hardest-working person I have ever worked with — and I have spent most of my adult life on political and issue campaigns, where hard-working people are everywhere. David is smart; committed to change; a good writer, and a very fast writer. He is optimistic, and I enjoyed working with him on the Kucinich Campaign (of course, that was partly because he was constantly volunteering to take on additional projects).

He understands how the media works, how to generate coverage, and how to use the internet to maximize outreach both to the staff and to the public. David would make a fine press secretary for any organization, but particularly a progressive group which, like most I know, is under-staffed and over-extended.

I cannot exaggerate the amount of press material David is able to put out in a day — and all of it is fact-checked, quote-cited, and well-written. I would certainly recommend him to any campaign with which I was associated.

Steve Cobble

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