Reference Letter from Jen Kern

From Jen Kern

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a former colleague of David Swanson who worked closely with him in his capacity as Communications Coordinator for ACORN for over two years.

I found David to be hardworking, conscientious and passionate about the struggle for social and economic justice. He quickly adjusted to both the substance of his work (which often involved learning very detailed aspects of a range of complicated policy issues) and to the pace, climate, and values of the organization.

David could be relied on to complete tasks quickly and often offered to do work that went beyond his own immediate duties. He worked long hours, often under extreme pressure that required flexibility and dedication. He was a team player that could be counted on to stay until the job was done well.

David is a very fast and expansive writer, with a sharp and spirited mind for debate on the issues. David did not let ego and/or personal opinions get in the way of his work, which was extremely important in a membership organization where the work of staff people is secondary to advancing the voices and concerns of our members.

I’m confident that David can get any job done that he sets his mind to.

Feel free to call me further with any questions at the number below.


Jen Kern
ACORN Living Wage Resource Center

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