Randi Rhodes Puts Robert Wexler Over 200,000

By David Swanson

The Randi Rhodes Show worked its magic today just as it used to do for www.afterdowningstreet.org almost three years ago. Congressman Robert Wexler came on and discussed the need for Cheney impeachment hearings. His petition at http://wexlerwantshearings.com passed the 200,000 mark before the show was over.

I live blogged this:

3:25 Randi just said that Conyers phoned her last night to chat, and she brought up impeachment, and he refused to talk about it, said that he’d just called to chat. Apparently he’s trying to make friends with people he was friends with two and a half years ago when he was pushing for impeachment. He’s feeling the pressure bad and hasn’t figured out what to do.

3:27 Randi is playing part of Wexler’s floor speech on impeachment from Tuesday evening…

— commercial break —

3:34 Wexler is on. He and Randi are both promoting the need to get www.wexlerwantshearings.com over 200,000. It’s now at 199,600.

Wexler says he’ll put the names of signers into the Congressional Record. Kucinich had planned to do this too but never did it.

3:37 Randi is going over the areas for Cheney impeachment investigation.

3:37 Wexler is stressing that the Watergate Tapes didn’t come out until after they’d started the hearings. And when the hearings started the Democrats were unsure and the Republicans were all against impeachment.

3:38 Wexler is accusing Cheney of abusing “excutive privilege” and stressing that an impeachment hearing removes that privilege.

3:39 Randi wants to hold Bush and Cheney accountable. She’s throwing in the economy along with all the other Bush-Cheney disasters. She predicts Cheney will never resign, that he’s worse than Nixon.

3:40 Wexler says these are all issues related to the Vice President’s powers, unlike the Clinton impeachment. Wexler also says Congress must enforce subpoenas, including those sent to Miers and Bolten.

3:41 Randi is reminding us all why Miers and Bolten were subpoenaed in the first place: the political hiring and firing of US attorneys.

3:42 Wexler says Scott McClellan also needs to be brought into the Judiciary Committee to testify about the outing of Valerie Plame.

[AND WE’RE OVER 200,000!!! Randi and Wexler don’t know it though.]

3:43 Randi is stressing that www.wexlerwantshearings.com is a call for impeachment hearings, not impeachment.

3:44 Wexler is talking about the White House announcement that it will order the DOJ not to enforce contempt citations.

3:45 Wexler just thanked Randi for putting it over 200,000. YEAH!

3:45 Wexler and Randi are praising their staff. But they’re not SAYING the web address again, which is what they should do.

3:46 Randi is predicting success.

3:52 Segment just ended. At 3:47 the electricity went out in my house for a split second and I lost my internet connection and what I was blogging. Randi DID say the web address three more times and chatted about nonsense and elections with Wexler. He’s good on the radio. When can we get him on TELEVISION???

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