Putting the Gone in Gonzales

How Not to Answer Questions about (in)Justice in America
By David Swanson

When can we put the “consensus” of the senior leadership of the Department of Justice, CSLDJ (pronounced Con Sell Dodge), under oath and ask it questions and then impeach it?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales assured the Senate Judiciary Committee today that nothing improper has been done and that, in addition, he’s not to blame for it, because he simply obeyed the CSLDJ, although he does not actually remember having done so. And if members of the CSLDJ contradict Gonzales or have acted in ways he does not approve of, well, you’ll just have to ask Mr. Sampson about that.

Kyle Sampson, Gonzo’s Chief of Staff, is a gentleman who well deserves his name given the apparently superhuman feat he’s performed of running the Department of Justice for years in exactly the direction his boss did not want it to go. That being said, Gonzales stands by every decision he never made, even the ones he remembers not making.


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