Protest Life-Imprisonment Without Charge or Trial: Thursday, December 15, Noon, Robert Hurt's Charlottesville Office

The National Defense Authorization Act, if it becomes law, will allow the U.S. president and military to lock you or anyone else up indefinitely without charge or trial. President Obama had threatened to veto, because he wanted even more power than that. He wanted the power to imprison or murder anyone with or without the military. The conference committee has modified the bill to accomodate him. Now the bill goes to a final vote in the House and Senate, and then to the President for a signature, a veto, or — as long as we’re trashing the Constitution anyway — a possible law-altering signing statement.

This bill is a direct assault on the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth amendments. That’s the majority of our Bill of Rights. Thursday, December 15th is Bill of Rights Day. Here’s how we can celebrate:

Be at Congressman Hurt’s office at noon to demand that he vote “No” (or to protest if he has already voted “Yes” by then).

This is part of a national effort and there is more information available at

Rep. Robert Hurt’s Office

686 Berkmar Circle

Charlottesville, VA 22901

Phone: 434-973-9631 Fax: 434-973-9635

Phone for DC office: 202-225-4711

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