Pro-Death Nuts Plan Rally in Berkeley

By David Swanson

Chicken Hawks Unlimited, also known as Move America Forward, sent around an Email today that begins:

“It is with a heavy heart that we are reporting to you that the attacks against our troops by American governmental bodies are continuing.”

Could this be the stop-loss orders keeping them in Iraq beyond their contracts? The lack of health care and benefits? Reneging on promises of college money? What could this be?

“The Mayor of Toldeo, Ohio has told the Marines to get out of his town:

In Arcata, California City Council member Dave Meserve is leading an effort against military recruiters:

Oh my goodness, this IS serious! The mayor of a US City would prefer not to have the Marines practicing urban warfare on his downtown streets. Why? His citizens complained that it’s frightening.

And another American citizen has proposed that his city pass an ordinance banning the military from pushing its recruitment efforts on kids under 18. Wow, he must really love da tarrists!

“This is why Move America Forward has chosen to make a stand in Berkeley, CA, this Tuesday, February 12th to stand our ground and let it be known that we aren’t willing to give up ANY American cities to those who would dishonor and disrespect our military.

And we’re going to let all these other towns across America know what is coming to them if they even THINK of trying to go down the Berkeley route.”

This is, of course, a response to the citizens and the city council of Berkeley resisting the efforts of military recruiters in their town. The military is of course blowing a fortune in tax dollars on recruitment because it needs more bodies to keep the occupation of Iraq going. An overwhelming majority of Americans, of course, opposes that occupation.

“FINALLY – and perhaps most importantly – you simply MUST watch this video of the comments made by the Code Pink protestors in Berkeley, CA to understand what we’re up against this Tuesday when we conduct our pro-troop demonstration and protest of the Berkeley City Council.


Join us for part or all of the day this Tuesday, February 12th when Move America Forward conducts an all-day pro-troop demonstration (and protest against the Berkeley City Council) at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley, California.

We need you to come join us. Complete details of when and where are located at our website:

Hey, thanks for the invitation! And that’s so cool how the Republicans paid for your You Tube video. How much do they pay for your “volunteer activism”?

The counter-recruitment efforts start tonight, Monday, at 7pm:


Support the Berkeley City Council’s stand calling on USMC recruiters to leave Berkeley. Bring tents, sleeping bags, food, your family & friends, your signs, music.

Monday 2-11-08
7PM CODEPINK organized permitted encampment joined by WORLD CAN’T WAIT

Tuesday 2-12-08
5AM World Can’t Wait & CODEPINK counter-protest right-wing press event
12noon protest coalition press conference/rally led by the ANSWER Coalition
5PM City Council Meeting demonstration. This is a national media event.
City Hall lawn, 2134 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley (2 blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART).

Join World Can’t Wait, Code Pink, high school and college students, anti-war veterans and many others. Nonviolent Civil Resistance all day beginning at 7AM. Public debate.

Friday 2-15-08
7AM – 7PM demonstration & action led by WORLD CAN’T WAIT and joined by others
3PM Rally and Convergence. Waterboarding re-enactment.
64 Shattuck Sq. at University Ave, Berkeley (2 blocks from downtown Berkeley BART).

The city council members and Mayor Tom Bates need to hear from you now in support of their resolution declaring the Marine Corps Recruiting Center to be “unwelcome” in Berkeley. Email or call them your support. Please CC us so we can publish your support (names and emails deleted for publishing):

Mayor Tom Bates 510-981-7100
District 1 Linda Maio 510-981-7110
District 2 Darryl Moore 510-981-7120
District 3 Maxwell Anderson 510-981-7130
District 4 Dona Spring 510-981-7140
District 5 Laurie Capitelli 510-981-7150
District 6 Betty Olds 510-981-7160
District 7 Kriss Worthington 510-981-7170
District 8 Gordon Wozniak 510-981-7180

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