President of Mexico Declines Trump’s Offer of a War

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the President of Mexico, was not eager to accept Donald Trump’s offer to fight a war against drug dealers. In fact, AMLO replied as follows (in so far as I’m able to translate; see the video below to verify, and please send me your translations):

The worst that could be, the worst thing we could see, would be war.

Those who have read about war, or those who have suffered from a war, know what war means.

War is the opposite of politics. I have always said that politics was invented to avoid war.

War is synonymous with irrationality. War is irrational.

We are for peace. Peace is a principle of this new government.

Authoritarians have no place in this government that I represent.

It should be written out 100 times as punishment: we declared war and it did not work.

That is not an option. That strategy failed. We will not be a part of that. . . .

Killing is not intelligence, which requires more than brute force.


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