Peace Prize President Ordering Murder of Americans

By David Swanson

Thoughts on Anwar al-Awlaki:

Is he the top mastermind in Al Qaeda? Well, so was Abu Zubayda, huh? Given the US goverment’s record on these claims, wouldn’t a TRIAL be smart?

The United States is not at war with Yemen or — I hope — the world. It can request extradition, and takes steps to make it more likely, including beginning to treat accused and convicted criminals humanely.

The DNI decreeing that it shall be legal to assassinate Americans abroad does not actually make it legal. In fact it’s just as illegal to assassinate non-Americans.

Were al-Awlaki to seek safety within the United States, the DNI would decree it legal to kill him here.

If the top mastermind is in Yemen, what the hell are we doing building a quagmire in Afghanistan?

Who leaked this? Someone opposed to murder?

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