Peace and Democracy Conference Planned for August

World Beyond War and our allies are planning an incredible Peace and Democracy Conference for this August 2-6 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Even better, this will be one of ten overlapping and integrated conferences aimed at building a unified movement for change.

Check out the planning, get involved, and register with an earlybird discount to attend at

Send us ideas for the Peace and Democracy Conference. An initial outline of what we’re planning is below (subject to change, including based on your input).
There will be time in this schedule to participate in the other nine conferences, and some of these events will be co-sponsored by two conferences. We are lining up the best speakers and workshop leaders on the following topics. Please let us know speakers and topics you think we should include.

Aug 2 evening: Peace Media.
Aug 2 evening: Peace Education.
Aug 3 morning: Peace Culture. Outgrowing nationalism, materialism, machismo, and exceptionalism.
Aug 3 morning: The Case for War Abolition. Why we can and must end our greatest crime.
Aug 3 afternoon: Peacenvironmentalism. One movement, indivisible.
Aug 3 afternoon: Overcoming Racism and Militarism.
Aug 3 evening: Military Spending Does Even More Damage Than Militaries.
Aug 3 evening: Hole in the Ground, dramatic reading.
Aug 3 evening, off-site: Flyering re Frank Kellogg on Kellogg Blvd.
Aug 4 morning: Divestment from Weapons Dealers.
Aug 4 morning: Replacing War Systems with Peace Systems.
Aug 4 afternoon: Local Resistance to Militarized Police, Military Recruiters.
Aug 4 afternoon: Building Local Power for Peace.
Aug 4 evening: Building Alliances Across Borders.
Aug 4 evening: Nonviolence Training.
Aug 5 morning: Acting Through Local Governments.
Aug 5 afternoon: Ending the Nuclear Nightmare.
Aug 5 evening: Opposing the Latest Wars and Those to Come.
Aug 5 tea ceremony.
Aug 6 early morning Hiroshima event.
Aug 6 morning: Lobbying Officials Who’ve Been Paid Not to Listen.
Aug 6 morning: Law vs War.
Aug 6 afternoon: What If the People Could Choose Peace?
Aug 6 afternoon: Global Governance Beyond Nations.
Aug 6 evening: Peace Honors, Celebrations, Holidays, and What the Nobel Peace Prize Was Supposed to Be.

Check out the planning, get involved, and register with an earlybird discount to attend at

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