Paul Berenson Show…Bailout, PTSD, Impeachment Movement, Obama's Team, Iraq, Afghanistan

Bree Walker co-hosts, David Swanson

Bree Walker co-hosts this week. We’ll talk a lot about the bailout, it’s real cost, among other things, big new developmeents in PTSD, along with what Bree’s doing with Camp Casey, which she bought from Cindy Sheehan. We’ll also talk about Obama’s team, the California Budget mess, and the destruction of UC, Cal State, and the rest of our public education system by a handful of Republicans. We’ll also talk about Iraq and Afghanistan.’s David Swanson joins us in the second hour to talk about the potential pardons and impeachment. We’ll also talk about what’s the next step for the impeachment movement going forward after the administration is out. Also, David’s thoughts on the people Obama is surrounding himself with.

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