Safe Passage on the Earth

By David Swanson

In 1975 Dorothy T. Samuel published “Safe Passage on City Streets,” a book that examined the state of mind and behavior of people who tended not to get attacked on city streets or tended to walk away unscathed. She found that the safest people were not those who focused on the danger, not those who walked in fear, and not those who carried weapons – which, as often as not, were turned against them. The safest people – though there was no guarantee – were people read more

What Democracy Corps Study Suggests

By David Swanson

A new study by Stan Greenberg and James Carville of Democracy Corps reports on polling and makes recommendations to Democratic Congressional candidates, including this:

“As a starting point, challengers must continue to nationalize the elections around Bush and whether to continue Bush’s direction. That is where the desire for change is growing the most: the percentage who strongly support going in a significantly different direction rather than continuing Bush’s has risen read more

Nine State Democratic Parties Back Impeachment: Whose Table Is It, Nancy?

By David Swanson

Nominal leader of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi, following talking points produced by the Republican National Committee, recently told her fellow Dems to keep impeachment off the table. This past weekend, the Democratic Parties in Maine, New Hampshire, and Hawaii passed resolutions demanding impeachment. This, of course, raises the question: Whose table is it, Nancy?

Whose table? Our table!

These states joined the Democratic parties of Nevada, New Mexico, California, read more

Let's Stay in Iraq Until it's Peaceful or We're Sane, Whichever Comes First

By David Swanson

Have you ever heard someone try to argue that the Iraq War was a mistake but that now the proper course is to continue the mistake a bit longer or to carefully end it in a long and complicated way that could take months or years? Have you ever wondered how such a position, if examined in detail, could possibly make any sense?

Wonder no more. Such a position, in various forms, actually makes no sense. In fact, such a position requires a stunning degree of illogic.

There’s read more

Eleven Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military

By David Swanson

I just read an excellent book from called “10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military.” Personally I was never attracted to the military because I could never stand having anyone tell me what to do – well, and because I had parents who helped me find other options in life.

The military glorifies the giving and obeying of orders as somehow something good for its own sake, something called “discipline” or “character.” read more

Peace in a Gas Pump or Bringing Pharaoh's Armed Madhouse Home

By David Swanson

May 28 — This evening here in Virginia, Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band jammed for hours at an outdoor pavilion, leading tens of thousands of us in protest songs, including a powerful rendition of “Bring Them Home.” The concert was held at the Nissan Pavilion, a characterless monument to automobiles surrounded by an ocean of the things, cars and trucks and SUVs which spent hours creeping in and out before and after the show. Many of us devoted read more

OP-ED: California Can Impeach Bush and Cheney, PCH Press

OP-ED: California Can Impeach Bush and Cheney, PCH Press

by DAVID SWANSON | 5-27-06

There are three paths leading to impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. All three are being led by California.


The first path is through a bill in Congress.

There are 398 Members of the House of Representatives who do not believe Congress should investigate the Bush Administration’s abuses of power, specifically its fraudulent case read more

The Case for Impeachment

By David Swanson

In the United States, our best journalism is published in books now and talked about on the radio and the internet. If you get your news from a television or a newspaper, you live in another world. This no doubt contributes to how divided we are politically. Dave Lindorff’s and Barbara Olshansky’s book could help bridge this national divide. The genius of this book is in its brevity. Lindorff and Olshansky have boiled the list of Bush and Cheney’s documented crimes read more

RNC Line on Impeachment: Verily, This Is That

By David Swanson

Black is white. War is peace. Impeachment is good for Republicans. Haven’t you heard? The Republicans say so. The Democrats say so. It just must BE so.

And yet there isn’t a shred of evidence to support it. Usually when we hear that a minimum wage is bad for low-income workers or tax cuts for billionaires benefit the poor, or any such apparently upside-down fantasy, we are at least given semi-plausible theories for how those lies could be truths.

In this case, read more