The Eight Stupidest Things About Nuclear Weapons

1. Nukes are the “tough on crime” of foreign policy

Investing in children’s welfare and education costs less and reduces more crime than “tough on crime” policies which are often counterproductive, but voters in San Francisco just obeyed a bunch of corporate advertising and recalled a District Attorney because he had reduced crime rather than being “tough on crime.” Nuclear weapons cost tens of billions of dollars a year, plus the costs of the airplanes, read more

U.S. Military Spending Is Undebatable Because Indefensible

Spain, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Netherlands — The word has gone out that every government can buy a lot more weapons with either no debate at all or with all debate shut down by a single word: Russia. Do a web search for “weapons buying” and you’ll find story after story about U.S. residents solving their personal problems the way their government does. But search for the secret code words “defense spending” and the headlines look like a united global community of nations each doing read more

Turn Out for the Poor People’s Campaign, Regardless of Its Shortcomings

By David Swanson

Everyone should get in the streets of Washington DC for the event planned by the Poor People’s Campaign on June 18 — if not sooner.

In a normal country, the streets would long since have been packed, government offices surrounded, public squares occupied, and change demanded. The U.S. — and the world with it — is suffering severely from unrepresentative government, the hoarding of wealth by a tiny group of overlords, the devastation of the Earth’s climate read more

Position of World’s Governments on Ukraine Considered Insane Pacifism in U.S.

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, May 24, 2022

The stance taken on Ukraine by many of the governments of the world is outside acceptable debate in the United States.

The Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres has proposed a ceasefire, urged a negotiated settlement, and met with the President of Russia despite opposition in the West to doing so. Pope Francis has urged a ceasefire and negotiations, declared that no war can be justified, and encouraged workers to block weapons read more

A Future-Crime Memorial Day

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, May 23, 2022

This Memorial Day, we have a solemn responsibility to glorify participants in wars that will leave no survivors.

We should not lightly disregard the longstanding custom of celebrating only those who have already participated in orgies of mass murder.

But we also have a duty to look forward with what discernment we can muster. In the absence of an omniscient future-crime bureau, we can only act read more

Apocalypse Given a Bad Rap By Liberal Media

By David Swanson

Public support for the obliteration of all life on Earth is growing despite every effort of the corrupt liberal media.

According to Pew, 36% of Republicans and 35% of Democrats favor U.S. warmaking even if it risks nuclear war with Russia. Obviously the main conclusion from such numbers needs to be that Republicans are the entire problem. But, read more