Aaaaaaand Charlottesville’s Statues Are Still Standing

It’s been so long since the Nazi rally here in Charlottesville that you can now search on Google images for “Charlottesville” and find some images that are not of that rally.

In fact, a lot has happened while the Lee and Jackson statues have stayed standing right where they always were.

They’ve been endlessly vandalized and cleaned.

The parks they are in have been re-named.

The city has declared that it will move another obnoxious statue (one of Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea) read more

An Easy Test of Whether Democrats Are Faking It

When Democrats were handed the U.S. Congress in 2006 to end the war on Iraq, and they escalated it in order to “oppose” it in the 2008 elections, it’s possible some of them were not being completely forthright and respectful toward you, their loyal supporters.

When the Democratic legislature in California passes single-payer healthcare whenever it can count on a Republican governor to veto it, but never during Democratic governorships, or when the U.S. Congress ends the war on read more

Hate Taxes But Love WWII? You Obviously Don’t Know Where Taxes Came From

The United States excels at hating taxes, and for good reason. The U.S. government gives you damn near nothing in return for them. You pay them at a higher rate than do billionaires or corporations. Cheating is permitted only if at a sufficiently large scale. And once you’ve paid your taxes, you still have to rush out and pay for everything that your taxes buy you in other countries: healthcare, childcare, education, recreation, retirement, transportation, etc. Pretty soon you’re broke, read more

The Brutes Haven’t All Been Exterminated

Sometimes I struggle to explain why none of the endless wars can ever be ended. Are they just too profitable? Is the propaganda self-fulfilling and self-believing? Is the bureaucratic inertia that powerful? No combination of semi-rational motivations ever seems sufficient. But here’s a potentially relevant fact: there are still people alive in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen.

There’s no secret memo in the Pentagon stipulating that every human being must be dead before the read more

Geologists Provide Perspective on Idea of Ending War on Afghanistan in Human Historical Time Frame

The U.S.-led Occupation of Afghanistan may be old enough to date or marry a Congress Member, but the time that nature took to form the Grand Canyon offers a more reasonable perspective on the fantasy of ending this war in a future foreseeable and measurable by available science, many sources say.

Ever since the current war on Afghanistan began, somewhere back in the Cheneyozoic, peaceniks, weirdos, and unrelated groups such as the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan — failing read more