On Burning Congressman Perriello in Effigy

By David Swanson

I have not approved of much my congressional representative has done. He votes for war funding. He votes for bailouts for both “bankers” and the sickness industry (aka health insurance “reform”). Like any member of the Democratic Party he does what the party that funds him tells him to do.

But he is 100% correct to denounce as part of a very disturbing trend the announced plans of his craziest critics to burn him in effigy. Symbolizing violence and threatening violence contribute nothing to any discussion. Instead, these tactics degrade, intimidate, anger, and coarsen our politics. They also drown out legitimate criticism, so that the only positions possible are demonization or defense of a person rather than analysis of his actions.

Here’s a campaign I support that seeks to expose and discourage this trend before it goes any further: http://stopdomesticterror.com

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