Nobody Could Possibly Have Expected

By David Swanson

So, now we discover that Bush was warned in detail of the looming foreclosure crisis and told what would prevent it and what would make it worse. He chose to make it worse. Funny, he was also warned about Hurricane Katrina (we have the videotape), but he claimed he had no possible way of knowing what could happen. He was warned exactly how the Iraqis would react to an occupation of their country, but he said he had no idea. He got a memo describing the 9-11 attacks pretty clearly and was repeatedly briefed on the danger, and yet he said he just couldn’t have possibly imagined such a thing. Of course, there’s nothing we could discover that would cause Congress to impeach Bush. But we have learned this: Clinton could have avoided impeachment too if he’d only said “I had no way of imagining what might happen when that woman crawled under my desk.” Psst: Obama, remember that as far as you know Afghanistan is a really fun place to occupy and almost nobody has ever had a bad experience with that!

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