New National Poll on Impeachment Possible

One of the reasons it’s hard to convince Congress Members to support opening Cheney impeachment hearings is that they are not fully aware of the level of support among the public for impeaching the least popular vice president in history. There have been very few mainstream national polls done on the topic, primarily because polling companies have not done them on their own (or not published the results) and have refused to do them for money. The few polls that have been published are posted here.

Now, widely respected polling company Zogby International has agreed to allow to commission a poll question in a national telephone poll. The question Zogby has agreed to ask is one that has never been asked before. It corresponds to the effort being led in the House Judiciary Committee by Congressman Robert Wexler here.

This is the question:

“Do you support or oppose efforts of members of the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment hearings to investigate Vice President Dick Cheney?”

Those paying attention to the pulse of the public know that the results of such a poll will shock certain members of Congress living inside their protective bubble on Capitol Hill, not to mention members of the media. If we act quickly, the timing of the release of the poll results can line up nicely with momentum in Congress to make the impeachment hearings happen.

To make this poll happen, we need to raise $2,500.

Here’s how:

Go here to donate to OpEd News.

You’ll notice that you can donate whatever amount you’re able. You’ll notice that the money goes to something called the International Humanities Center, which is an umbrella group that includes the nonprofit This is the place to give the money to, but you must indicate in the comment box when completing your payment by credit card or paypal that your contribution is for the impeachment poll. If you do indicate that, every dollar you give will be put to that use.

As the dollars come in, the Cheney graphic will fill up here. Want change? Yes, we can? Let’s change the conversation. Let’s make John McCain take an impossible position. Let’s make Congress do its job. Let’s reinstate the Constitution and establish the rule of law. Yes, we can!

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