New Film About Armistice Day Wins Award

Armistice 100 Santa Cruz, a new film below was accepted by the Santa Cruz Film Festival, had a good turnout for the showing, and won an award for best “Spirit in Action!” The film features David Swanson of World BEYOND War discussing Armistice Day.

ARMISTICE100 SANTA CRUZ, documents the efforts of Santa Cruz Veterans For Peace Chapter 11, Armistice100 SC, and VFW Post 5888, to honor the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day on November 11, 2018. It’s a musically infused, inspiring, community heart sharing, with ceremonies, wisdom talks and songs that express the visions of what peace can look like in Santa Cruz.

with video appearances by:
David Swanson, Recipient of the 2018 US Peace Memorial Foundation Award, Tatanka Bricca, Steve Bare, Rico Baker, Jimmy Panetta, David Terrazas, Jack Tracy, Chris Krohn, Drew Glover, Zach Friend, Buzz Gray & Journey for Change, Sherry Conable, Darrell Darling, Martin Herrera, Daniel Sheehan, Sara Nelson, Paul Damon, April Burns, Nane Alejandrez, Rev. Deborah Johnson and more.

and music by:
Steve Bare and Gail Swain, Keith Greeninger, Coleen Douglas and Friends, Raging Grannies, Santa Cruz Pipes & Drums, Jim Greiner, The Healer Trio, United Methodist Church and Unitarian Universalist “Just In Time” Choir, Inner Light Music and Arts Ministry

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