NESARA: Nearly Every Stupid Absurdity Rolled Altogether

Feb. 17, 2004

Are you lucky enough not to have heard of NESARA? If you do enough grassroots progressive politics, chances are you will.

NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, an act that was secretly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton, and which will be announced in due time. NESARA will forgive all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt, eliminate income tax, back currency with precious metals, accomplish regime change in Washington, and require the new President to declare peace.

Dove of Oneness – yes, Dove of Oneness — explains that the US Supreme Court has insisted on secrecy. In fact, the attack on the World Trade Center may have been intended to prevent Alan Greenspan from announcing NESARA — and it succeeded! But Admiral Sananda, who is in charge of Earth Shan’s transition, gave the order weeks ago to the White Knights to announce NESARA. Things are ready! I have it third-hand that someone has direct contact with the White Knights.

Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for NESARA – which I personally refer to as Nearly Every Stupid Absurdity Rolled Altogether – and read a few of the thousands of websites, including:

This site rather disappointingly maintains that there is a bill called NESARA, but that it has not even been introduced yet. Meanwhile, this one says NESARA is all a scam being used to solicit donations and is quite possibly the work of communists.

I don’t know about communists, but there are certainly plenty of leftists promoting the NESARA nonsense. However, if this benefits anyone politically it is probably George W. Bush. What do progressives gain by marginalizing a demand for peace and financial security by mixing it in with so much New Age gobbledygook?

Of course it’s not a calculated strategy on the part of supporters: they believe this stuff as much as right-wingers several decades back (when things weren’t all going THEIR way) believed some pretty extravagant stories about, yes, communists.

Can’t you just picture the congressional hearings in 2022: “Are you now or have you ever been part of the conspiracy to cover up NESARA?”

While marginalizing peace and salvation from debt helps to mainstream a corporate political agenda, it also seems likely to encourage more debt. If I really “believed in” NESARA, meaning that all of my credit card debt would soon be wiped out, I’d quickly max out as many credit cards as I could get my hands on. In fact, I’d start the revolution early by giving contributions to those in need and to peace groups on my credit cards. If I could swing it, I’d buy a second house with a huge mortgage and give the house to someone homeless.

To my knowledge no one is doing these things, but I’d be surprised if some people weren’t going a bit deeper into debt than they otherwise would have.

The main response to “belief in NESARA” – the phrase commonly employed by believers – seems to be resignation to inaction. Everything’s going to be beautiful if we just sit back and wait. This attitude is expressed by people who have been volunteering for progressive presidential campaigns, such as that of Congressman Dennis Kucinich – campaigns that have been beaten down by a corporate media that delights in marginalizing demands for democracy, peace, and wealth for working families.

It’s hard to blame people for giving up on action. I’ve felt the temptation in recent weeks to move abroad or at least away from the Washington DC area until the United States has a president less skilled at fomenting hatred and resentment around the world.

It sounds like Howard Dean might try to keep his activists active by redirecting them to John Edwards. But the Deaniacs who would have preferred Kucinich or Sharpton but went to Dean because the media told them to are already going to Kerry, because the media changed its mind. And many of the Dean supporters who really like Dean won’t go to Edwards any more than they’ll go to Kerry. They are in the same boat as the Kucitizens and Sharptonians who are trying to come to grips with failure. Some of them will back Nader if he runs. Others may back NESARA.

NESARA is, after all, not a completely new line of thought for most people. Nancy Reagan would probably have believed in it if she’d stayed single. All of the presidential candidates believe in one religion or another; there’s an effective ban on anyone who doesn’t believe running for president.

And while few may be following belief in NESARA to its logical conclusions by maxing out all possible debt, very few follow mainstream beliefs to their logical ends by putting their lives at the greatest possible risk for a noble cause in order to get to Heaven. Nonetheless, religion affects their behavior.

Religion can be good for progressive politics. A Republican governor in Alabama recently tried to pass a progressive tax plan by arguing that it was the Christian thing to do.

But wishful thinking – be it wishing for NESARA or imagining that everything happens according to someone’s plan or insisting that death isn’t really death — discourages people from working to improve their lives and those of their descendants.

This kind of thinking provides us with a weak comfort to some in need, a shallow justification for some good work that people would be doing anyway, and a destructive force of great power crippling a wide variety of hopes and potentials.

Without religious thinking, we would not have such a hard time wiping out faith in the market and in Marxism, belief in the “unnaturalness” of homosexuality, adherence to principles and authorities even when harmful, acceptance of the status quo as divinely decreed, sexism, racism, glorification of revenge, political apathy, and an endless string of new NESARAs.

The Governor’s appeal for fairer taxes did not work. It might have, and that would have been a good thing — but it would still have been, and it was, damaging to the ongoing cause of progressive politics. So is NESARA.

Wishful Thinking and What it Does to Us

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