My Socialist Proposals

1) No more corporate welfare or giveaways of any kind to corporations with more than 5,000 workers. Invest the money in aid to small businesses and small farms.

2) No more monopolies or mergers that do not benefit competition.

3) Slash two thirds of the military budget and give the money to the poorest Americans. Slash three-fourths of the prison budget, decriminalize addiction, and put the money into a job program to clean up the environment.

4) Eliminate the free garbage removal service from the budgets of all local governments and make people pay for their dumping. Put the money into recycling.

5) Build no more highways whatsoever. Put part of the money into paying off debt and part into mass-transit. Charge tolls for highways; make mass-transit free.

6) Raise the minimum wage for all workers to the regionally-adjusted poverty line for a family of four.

7) Plan development regionally and require an even distribution of affordable housing.

8) Eliminate public housing and handouts.

9) Institute universal health care.

10) Fund all schools equally, keep them public, and fund them much more heavily. Pay for this with a tax on pollution and union-busting.

How awful would that be?

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