Mission Accomplished Or How We Won the War in Iraq

By David Swanson

That’s the title of a new book by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky. It’s actually just a collection of the familiar quotes by Bush, Cheney, and gang, plus Democrats, plus pundits, all lying about Iraq before and during the occupation. It’s mostly not a funny collection, but it’s sort-of packaged as one and it’s probably funnier than that truly dumb “The Young Dick Cheney” book that Alternet has promoted in a few hundred Emails. But it’s not a serious collection either. It’s not comprehensive or organized in a way to make any particular case. It also promotes the notion that prior to the invasion of Iraq nobody warned against it or debunked the lies, which is itself a major lie. Still, if you want a handy, huge-font collection of colorful lies in book form, picking up a copy of this would be easier than, say, printing out Waxman’s database.

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