Maybe a country that cannot even count delegates doesn't deserve to go on

I’m not a big fan of Bernie Sanders, but I do find it revolting how everyone pretends he’s lost an ongoing election, thus increasing the chances that the primates who have yet to vote will vote against him.

The stunning news in this election is actually the extent to which people have defied the media and voted for Bernie despite being told, in many different ways, not to. People have pleasantly shocked me. I predicted he wouldn’t get anywhere like this far. But the message that he’s already lost is a pretty powerful message — if you ignore the actual facts of the matter.

Clinton has 1719 and Sanders 1425 actual voted for delegates. There are 897 left to win. If Sanders wins 596 or more of them, he wins.

Then, if despite a grossly rigged system Sanders actually wins more actual delegates, the problem of the superdelegates can be dealt with. If, on the other hand, Clinton wins more actual delegates, she will of course claim that the superdelegates don’t matter. Of course, they have mattered immensely in maintaining the pretense of a huge and insumountable lead. But there’s no reason for voters in the remaining states not to understand the facts and not to vote en masse against a candidate as dangerous as Hillary Clinton.

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