Man Threatened, Locked in Trunk, Terrified for Sport

George C. Page Jr. took time away from bagging
groceries at the Orange Food Lion Monday evening to
recount his night of terror last weekend in Culpeper (see
story in this week’s hard copy).

Page, who is very slim and gentle-mannered, was
interrupted more than once during the interview by
customers greeting him by name and wishing him well.
He works at Food Lion in the evenings following a day
job elsewhere. He said he was in Culpeper so late
Saturday night because he had just dropped somebody off
He lives in Orange with his mother, brother and
sister-in-law. He said the car involved in the carjacking
was totaled and that he had only liability insurance for it.
The vehicle, he said, was needed by his family. “I handle
everything for my mother. She has trouble walking. . . .
She has never been able to work.”
Page told the story of his nightmare from start to
finish. He did not know which of the two teen-agers bore
which name, and so called them “the one who sat in the
front” and “the one who sat in the back,” referring to their
positions in the car when he drove them from 7-11 to
Yowell Meadow Park.
Page said the two seemed

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