Lt. Governor John Garamendi, SB City Councilmember Helene Schneider,'s David Swanson

Until 2005 multimillionaires could make the Forbes 400 richest Americans, but for 2006 it took $1.3 Billion. The economy’s doing great for a few folks. Cheney says the US won’t let Iran “go nuclear” and we accuse them “directing missions in Iraq.” The run-up to the Iran War is the same as the Iraq War and we buy it. Sen. Chris Dodd calls for new leadership in the Senate, and Verizon and AT&T give over $42,000 to Sen. Jay Rockerfeller to buy legal immunity for participating in the NSA spying scandal thet was up and running BRFORE Sept. 11. Oh…9/11 Rudy’s top CA fundraiseer is resusitating the June ballot measure to steal 20-22 of California’s electoral votes.

California’s burning, half of the CA National Guard and it’s equipment is in Iraq, and Lt. Governor John Garamendi has been all over the media. He’ll join us to talk about the fires, the President’s visit, and that awful LNG terminal off of Oxnard that he was so instrumental in stopping. We may also get to healthcare.’s David Swanson calls in from a Peace March he’s speaking at in Jonesborough, Tennessee. He will be speaking here Nov. 2 at the Impeach Bush/Cheney Meetup and we’ll talk about the country-wide marches and impeachment. Anyone with knowledge of commission of a felony and not reporting it is guilty under Federal Law of Misprision of Felony. I wonder how many members of Congress are guilty of THAT!!??!! We’ll also talk about Rahm Emmanuel telling Chris Matthews that getting out of Iraq was only a small part of why we elected Dems last year. Matthews laughed at him in disbelief and kept pressing him about it.

The Red Sox come from 3-1 back against Cleveland, then cool off the Rockies 13-1 and 2-1. SB Foresters Manager / LA Angels Scout Bill Pintard is in Denver for Game 3 of the World Series, but he’ll call in at the bottom of the second hour to review the week in the playoffs.

SB City Councilmember Helene Schneider is in for the third hour. We’ll talk about the 10 year plan to end homelessness, Measure A, and more. We’ll also talk about the General Plan and gang violence.

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