Looking Up: War Is Over (if you want it)

The tide is turning against war. 
We’ve permanently shut down the Army Experience Center!
We’ve kept student information from recruiters in Maryland!
The war escalation supplemental funding has stalled!
The attack on Kandahar has been stalled!
The majority of the public is on our side!
Even our puppet president doesn’t want the war!
Dozens of reports and experts are on our side!
The economic and political crises are on our side!
Torture protesters have been acquitted!
Australians are with us!
The Israeli blockade of Gaza is breaking!
Petraeus has fainted in the face of congressional skepticism!
A congresswoman, under tough pressure from us, just told Petraeus he’s making us less safe!
A reporter asked the President when we’ll get out “and spare us the Bushisms”.
In an unprecedented act, a congressman just asked us to lobby his colleagues against war funding!
80 congressional candidates are opposing war funding!
The Pentagon has been reduced to making up stories about minerals!
U.S. soldiers have been charged with murder!
The International Criminal Court has defied the U.S. and put aggression on the list of offenses to be tried!
Brown Bag Lunch Vigils are growing!
Wikileaks is planning a new Afghanistan video release!
Resolutions against war spending are being passed by political parties, towns, cities, and labor councils.
Cities are putting Cost of War counters on city hall.
The new car smell is wearing off the new emperor, and people are snapping out of their dazed subservience!
WarIsACrime.org has more bloggers and increased traffic on the site, on Facebook and Youtube and (the place to stay up to the minute) Twitter!
Afghanistan War Weekly is posted every week!
The peace movement (this cannot be assumed) is turning against the war escalation funding!
Resources and whiplist are available at http://defundwar.org
Nationalistic competitive spectators can turn to soccer instead of war!

Do You Want to Be Part of This Movement When We Win?

Then join us at:

The US Social Forum
Detroit, June 22-26

Peace of the Action
Washington, D.C., July 4-17

Brown Bag Lunch Vigils
Everywhere, third Wednesday of every month

National Conference to Bring the Troops Home Now
Albany, July 23-25

PDA Grassroots Leadership Conference
Cleveland, July 23-25

Veterans for Peace National Convention
Portland, Maine, August 25-29

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