Listen to Marcy Winograd, Guest-Hosting for Lila Garrett on KPFK's CONNECT THE DOTS!

Which Aired Today, Monday, September 23rd, 7:00 AM at KPFK Archives:
It might take a few minutes to download. – KPFK 90.7 FM Radio –

Don’t miss Marcy’s incredibly right-on opening about the use of chemical
weapons by the United States over the decades.

Then hear Marcy interviewing David Swanson, author of “WAR IS A LIE” and
other books, talking about U.S. wars.

Marcy then talks with Dr. Michael Powelson, who is running for Congress
against Brad Sherman in the Valley as a member of the Green Party.

And finally Marcy talks with Jose Lara: & Dr. Suzie
Abajian:  – who are both running for local School

Marcy is so good she should have her own program on KPFK.

In Peace,

Frank Dorrel
Addicted To War

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