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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox wants to extend our deepest sympathy with the people of Japan after the quake and tsunami last week. We also fervently hope that Japan does not suffer another nuclear disaster.

Why nuclear power plants are built on or near fault lines when it is a very filthy energy, anyway, is beyond belief!

The president of this country is pro-nuclear power and pro-off shore drilling. All of the billions of dollars in damage, loss of life, and illnesses due to these dangerous energies is not necessary. Technology already exists to move to completely clean and renewable forms of energy.

Anyway, our guests on Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox this weekend are the Virginians!

Karen Kwiatkowski, an antiwar Republican, retired Lt. Colonel, and possible candidate for U.S. Congress from Va.

Our good Soapbox buddy, David Swanson, also of Va. We chat about the role of the Democrats and their supporters in killing vibrant movements that may actually have a chance to succeed.

Listen at 2pm (PST), or any time after in the archives at:

Love & Peace

Cindy Sheehan


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