Kucinich in Charlottesville

Dennis Kucinich in Charlottesville VA on Friday, December 7th.

Central Virginia, home to Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and the father of our Constitution, James Madison, will be the site of a rally for a presidential candidate working to defend that Constitution.

The creators of our government intended the Congress to be the most powerful branch of it, and provided as a defense of that power the impeachment process. Central to their thinking was concern that an unchecked executive could take the nation into unjust and unnecessary wars.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are under attack, and the leading voice in their defense will be speaking in Charlottesville on December 7th. Dennis Kucinich is working to end the funding of the occupation of Iraq, to prevent an aggressive war on Iran, and to restore the rule of law to the executive branch by impeaching Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

Kucinich, alone among the candidates, would shift our priorities and resources in a major way from war to peace. He would invest in jobs, in green energy, and in education, including publicly funded college tuition. Kucinich alone would catch us up with the rest of the world by creating single-payer health coverage. Kucinich alone would end NAFTA.

Please join us in welcoming Dennis Kucinich to Virginia on Friday, December 7th.

WHERE: Lane Auditorium in the Albemarle County Office Building – McIntire (COB-McIntire), located at the intersection of McIntire Road and Preston Avenue in downtown Charlottesville at 401 McIntire Road. Here are directions: http://www.albemarle.org/page.asp?info=dir

Intimate face-to-face meeting with Dennis Kucinich will be in Room 235, the Totier Room, near the Lane Auditorium, in the same building.

WHEN: Friday evening, December 7, 2007.
Smaller meeting in Totier Room at 7:15 p.m.
Main event in Lane Auditorium at 7:45 p.m.

PRICE OF ADMISSION: (Payable at the door, by cash or preferably by check made out to “Kucinich for President”) Students: $10, general admission $20, admission plus your photo taken with Dennis $50, admission plus photo plus priority front-of-the-room seating $100.

To attend the face-to-face meeting with Dennis, you must contribute or bring with you enough people (or checks) to collectively contribute $500. Based on the total you give or organize, you will be listed as follows:
Friends $500
Hosts $1,000
Sponsors $2,300

Websites with more information and downloadable flyers: http://www.dennis4president.com and http://www.vafordennisk.org

Host committee: David Swanson, Andrea Miller, Sarah Lanzman

Contact: david@davidswanson.org

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