Kucinich and Swanson on Lila Garrett's Radio Show Discussing War Funding on Monday

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PAUL MAZURSKY, film maker (An Unmarried Woman, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Moscow on the Hudson) covers the evolution of movies, our world, and Amnesty International (he’s on the Exec. Board). A fun 20 minutes with a great film maker.

DAVID SWANSON, once the Communications Dir. of ACORN, describes Republican dirty tricks which destroyed that organization last year. ACORN, which registered the poor to vote, didn’t have defenders as Shirley Sherrod did. Also, the 33 billion dollar supplemental to escalate the war in Afghanistan is back in play. The House passed it last month. The Senate turned it down, albeit for the wrong reasons. Now the House has the chance to kill it for the right reasons. Will the Democrats have the spine to do it? Swanson thinks maybe yes.

CONGRESSMAN DENNIS KUCINICH predicts Congress will not vote to kill that supplemental, although they should. He contends the White House has overstepped its authority in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan since these countries are not threats to the US. Therefore Congress must fulfill its obligation to stop those wars. He makes an eloquent case against the US escalating policy of permanent war.

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