Korea Should Reunify Outside the Empire

The majority of dictatorships on planet earth — by the U.S. government’s designation of which countries are dictatorships — are sold U.S. weapons. And most of their militaries are trained by the U.S. military.

If I had to pick a dictatorship to object to the U.S. government’s position on, it would be one of these many, and probably it would be Saudi Arabia. But, then, I’m not a Progressive Senator. If I were, then I would object to anything less than complete hostility toward a country that the U.S. has not armed or trained in war, but rather sits on the edge of going to war against — a country that the U.S. president not long ago threatened to drop nuclear bombs on.

Imagine if the United States made peace with North Korea. There are perhaps three ways to do it.

1. The United States deals directly with North Korea and transforms it into another weapons customer, thereby facilitating U.S. weapons sales on both sides of the demilitarized zone. Nobody in Korea is likely to stand for this.

2. The United States allows Korea to reunify, but keeps all the weaponry and troops in Korea that it now has in the South (as required by current U.S. law) and adds some more weaponry and troops to the northern part of the unified country. This will require at least a few days of telling the U.S. public that the only defense against the evil Chinese or Russians is a well-armed unified Korea. That’s perfectly doable.

3. The United States allows Korea to reunify, disarm, and promote peace in the world. This would be something new under the sun. It’s what the people of Korea need and struggle for. The resulting firestorm in the U.S. media would be 10 times worse than Russiagate. Trump would be denounced in exactly the terms he ought to be denounced in for his actual offenses.

For possibility #3 to prevail, millions of people in the United States who are smart enough to oppose lots of horrible things Trump has done would have to strain their brains and find somewhere within them the capacity to make Trump aware that he will receive tons of praise if he does a good thing.

The most likely outcome and the best outcome are not the same. But the reason we’re considering any of them at all is because the two Korean governments are already trying to work around the disastrous U.S. presence — so who knows what’s possible?

4 thoughts on “Korea Should Reunify Outside the Empire”

  1. Right who knows what’s possible. I have been asking for Israel and Iran to make peace which somebody besides myself should be asking. How about in the United Nations meetings coming up?

  2. The only way the South Koreans have to achieve equilibrium with theirs brothers and sisters from the North is if they expel from their lands the American Terrorists that still occupy their land.

    United States of Terrorism depends on global terrorism for survival.

    Please consider the term “Terrorism” in a wider sense, not just the military and para-military one!

  3. eheheh I went ahead and clicked the link embed in the text “his actual offenses.” which ends up at this:

    “Trump Articles of Impeachment

    A growing work in progress (as of 8/23/2018).”

    Then I read the work in progress!

    “Violation of Constitution on Domestic Emoluments
    Violation of Constitution on Foreign Emoluments
    Incitement of Violence
    Interference With Voting Rights
    Discrimination Based On Religion
    Illegal War
    Illegal Threat of Nuclear War
    Abuse of Pardon Power
    Obstruction of Justice
    Politicizing Prosecutions
    Collusion Against the United States with a Foreign Government
    Failure to Reasonably Prepare for or Respond to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria
    Separating Children and Infants from Families
    Illegally Attempting to Influence an Election”

    I have to say that by this list you guys would always be voting for presidents!

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