Kim Carlyle's Wonderful Review of "War Is A Lie"

War Is A Lie: A good read and a ready reference

By Kim Carlyle, War Crimes Times

Available November 22

You don't believe in war, but can you articulate your reasons? What if someone challenges your position? Can you defend it?
Suppose someone told you that spending for the military is good for the economy? What if they agreed that war is generally bad – but there are exceptions, such as the “good war” against Hitler and Japan, or even the “war on terror”? How about the notion that war makes us more secure?
David Swanson's new book, War Is A Lie, provides answers to these questions and more. In 336 pages, he debunks every argument you've heard used to justify, glorify, instigate, promote, prolong, and expand war.
In order to get the book out as quickly as possible and with the latest information (some events described and sources cited are from just last month), Swanson chose to self-publish it. This provides another advantage: without a need for a publisher's profit, he will send copies to activists “really cheap.” If you will set up a table outside a recruitment office, or if your group wants to sell copies to raise funds, go to the War Is A Lie website.
You may be able to find much of the information in War Is A Lie elsewhere but this is like the convenience of “one-stop shopping.” It's all here.
Would you like to see Swanson's War Is A Lie outperfrom Bush's Decision Points? If you buy from Amazon, use VFP's Amazon link  and Veterans For Peace will get a percentage.

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