Kevin Zeese: Irreplaceable

Kevin Zeese was a major constant reliable presence in the movement for peace and justice. He used writing, editing, online and all other forms of communication. He organized events, protests, occupations. He risked arrest. He ran for office. He was an attorney and used the courts and shared his expertise. He thought independently. He acted collaboratively. He maintained good relations with those he disagreed with — even those he disagreed with over that most disagreeable of topics in a collapsing oligarchy: elections.

Kevin and his partner in recent years Margaret Flowers combined art, civil resistance, music, journalism, radio, and coalition building to cross issue areas and energize. Losing Kevin is a horrible blow, but nobody can say he didn’t put his time to good use. Nobody can say that if thousands followed his lead we wouldn’t have a world transformed. Nobody can say that he didn’t make a major difference, exposing injustice and changing public policy and culture for the better.

When I type in “Zeese” on I find this radio show. Take a listen.

Then I find an old announcement of a shadow cabinet with myself as Secretary of Peace and Kevin as Attorney General.

I find plans for event and joint statements — pages and pages and pages of them. I find that Kevin was part of protecting an embassy against a coup, occupying Washington, D.C., legalizing drugs, opposing NATO, meeting with the U.S. Institute of Peace to ask them to support peace, rallying in support of numerous whistleblowers, speaking out powerfully for countless causes. Kevin was an environmentalist, an anti-racist, a socialist, a war abolitionist, a poverty abolitionist. He supported World BEYOND War from the get-go and served on our advisory board, not only in name, but actually strategizing and advising, wisely and creatively.

Kevin took on the plutocrats, the lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce, the weapons dealers, the politicians, and the pundits, — fairly and fearlessly. Going back through my own website I see how many times I interviewed him and he interviewed me, and I recall how many other people he influenced. But looking up “Zeese” on, is overwhelming.

A recent classic:
Guaidó’s Failed Foreign Tour Ends With A Flop
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Iran Wants Peace. Will The US Allow Peace With Iran?
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty and End To Demilitarized Zone
By Kevin Zeese

See Kevin’s portrait and bio on Americans Who Tell the Truth.

But perhaps best of all, watch this video of a speech that Kevin made at World BEYOND War’s conference in Toronto in 2018, in which Kevin discusses his understanding of how to build a social movement that succeeds. Listen carefully.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Zeese: Irreplaceable”

  1. Sad to hear the Kevin has passed. We worked together on Drug Policy, in Detroit, from around 1995 to 2002. While we had our differences — I just wanted adults to have the right to grow — Kevin was a great activist. He will be missed.

  2. It was a shock to hear the loss of Kevin Zeese yesterday during a rally for residents of the Philadelphia encampments, so much so that when it was announced I reacted with an instinctual cry of; “NO!”. As I observed others in the crowd that appeared to know him, a solemn sadness overtook their expressions. As my shock subsided I immediately felt for his life partner Margaret Flowers. I am so sorry for your loss, Margaret.

    I know of Margaret and Kevin from their excellent work at, the terrific weekly podcast Clearing The FOG, The Popular Resistance School and a few face-to-face interactions during rallies in D.C. and NYC. It is with these experiences I write the following…

    Kevin expressed the need for progressive movements to come together and create; “A Movement of Movements,” as this will wield the collective powers necessary to make systematic change. His ability to succinctly communicate complex injustices and tie each to the broader perspective was effective for me to see through the many distractions that plague our media today, and see through the Forces Of Greed. These gifts were offered freely by both Kevin and Margaret, and my spirit will be eternally grateful.

    I was looking forward to learn more from Kevin and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the numerous struggles he and Margaret have exposed. Of course the knowledge he generously passed along will always be with me as I continue to push for systemic change.

    Margaret, my solemn condolences to you.

  3. I grieve at the news of this huge loss to the Progressive movement. Kevin was an extremely courageous and powerful leader in the fight for Social Justice and Equality, both here in the U.S. and all over the world. He fought for Truth in an age of media lies, disinformation, and dishonesty. He fought for Peace in the age of endless wars and increasing racism. He fought for Equality and Justice in the age of greed. He will be sorely missed. I send my deepest heartfelt condolences to Margaret in this very hard time.

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