Jonathan Tasini for Senate from New York State

By David Swanson

Let’s elect someone to the U.S. Senate from New York. Just that would be progress. But let’s elect someone who is not a servant to any party boss or any corporate agenda. Let’s elect a leading voice against corporate power.

Let’s elect someone who goes on cable news business shows all the time even though the hosts and rightwingers eat up two-thirds of the minutes, and who speaks truth to nonsense so powerfully that even I can almost stand to watch the crap.

Let’s elect a principled labor leader who stands for (and works hard for!) single-payer health care, the Employee Free Choice Act, a healthy environment, and support for marriage equality. Let’s elect someone with an an amazing bio that has perhaps just begun.

Let’s defeat an unelected and unpopular incumbent who represents the NRA, big tobacco, and Wall Street, but not the working people of New York. Let’s win this in a Democratic primary by nominating someone who is what the Democratic Party should be.

Let’s flood our challenger’s campaign with money and volunteer time and blogosphere buzz early. Sign up to stay informed. Let’s sweep the primary and inspire massive turnout in the general election, making the new senator from the state of New York and the leading progressive in the United States Senate Jonathan Tasini.

Here’s his blog

Here’s his campaign site.

Watch this:

Then make a contribution right away.

Yes, Tasini cites Howard Dean as a progressive and pretends Dennis Kucinich does not exist, but Tasini is actually the progressive that people believed Dean was. Tasini’s positions are clear and consistent: he’s even good on election reform.

There is not one word on Tasini’s website about the fact that there are wars going on, but he told me that was an oversight that is being fixed and that he opposes funding the wars including with the current war supplemental.

PS: Yes, I advocate the elimination of the Senate, but I want the best senators possible as long as it has to exist.

Here’s where you can support Tasini.

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