Join Us for a Live Interview With the Director of "Uncounted," David Earnhardt

By David Swanson

As we muddle our way through primary elections fraught with errors, fraud, and suppression, it’s useful to look back at the elections of 2004 and 2006. So, on Wednesday February 20th, from 8 to 9 p.m. ET I’ll be interviewing David Earnhardt live online, and you can phone in with your questions.

In the past few elections, and in the recent primaries, we’ve seen such probems as: precincts turning out more voters than exist (is 110% voter turnout an achievement in some people’s minds?), huge percentages of people voting in minor races but supposedly failing to vote at all in key contests, results that vary from unadjusted exit polls by unheard of margins, people forced to wait 12 hours to vote, people turned away in the general election who voted in the same location in the primaries, flyers advising Democrats to vote the day after the election, and dozens of other problems, most of them based in electronic voting machines, most – but definitely not all – of them swinging votes in favor of Republicans.

David Earnhardt’s new film “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections,” tells this story powerfully and convincingly. If I were a reporter outside the United States and able to publish the story, I’d watch this film and report on the complete breakdown of credible democratic elections in the U.S.A. I’d report on it in the way we can expect international media to report on an election in Pakistan. If I were an American of any political persuasion I’d have a hard time watching this film and not asking what I could do about this crisis. I’d leave a theater that showed this movie with a very different view of recent history from the orthodox. I’d come away understanding that the Democratic Party landslide in 2006 fell far short of what voters actually voted for, that George Bush has never once been elected president, and that the solution to the 2000 Florida debacle (the solution of buying electronic voting machines) took a relatively small problem and made it enormous.

You can watch a trailer for the movie and buy a copy of it″>HERE.

The interview on Wednesday will be at The People Speak Radio, where you can listen live, or find the file later in the archives.

Here are details on the interview from The People Speak Radio Network:

David Earnhardt, Producer/Director/Writer

Showtime: Wednesday, February 20th – 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern
Listen Live on BBSRadio or you may also join us live in our virtual auditorium!

An Emmy-winning producer/director of 31 years, David has produced a wide range of television and video productions including documentaries, entertainment programs, and educational videos. His work has been recognized with numerous Emmy, Iris and Telly national awards. A national documentary on children’s rights, a biographical documentary about jazz legend Helen Humes, and a comedy special featuring an up-and-coming Jay Leno are among Earnhardt’s many credits.

After seventeen years in television, Earnhardt started a new phase of his career in 1993 with Earnhardt & Co., which has grown to be one of Nashville’s most prestigious production companies. Originally co-founded by David and Patricia Earnhardt in 1993, the company specializes in high quality video presentations for a variety of nonprofit organizations. Longtime creative professional Mac Pirkle joined the firm as a partner in 2002 – and the company was soon after renamed Earnhardt Pirkle, Inc., acknowledging the strength of their partnership. Earnhardt Pirkle has produced projects for more than 250 clients and has won more than 60 national awards in its 14-year history. Mac Pirkle and Patricia Earnhardt are executive producers of UNCOUNTED.

David Earnhardt is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he majored in film studies. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia – and grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. UNCOUNTED is Earnhardt’s first full-length documentary film.

UNCOUNTED is an explosive new documentary that shows how the election fraud that changed the outcome of the 2004 election led to even greater fraud in 2006 – and now looms as an unbridled threat to the outcome of the 2008 election. This controversial feature length film by Emmy award-winning director David Earnhardt examines in factual, logical, and yet startling terms how easy it is to change election outcomes and undermine election integrity across the U.S. Noted computer programmers, statisticians, journalists, and experienced election officials provide the irrefutable proof.

UNCOUNTED shares well documented stories about the spine-chilling disregard for the right to vote in America. In Florida, computer programmer Clint Curtis is directed by his boss to create software that will “flip” votes from one candidate to another. In Utah, County Clerk Bruce Funk is locked out of his office for raising questions about security flaws in electronic voting machines. Californian Steve Heller gets convicted of a felony after he leaks secret documents detailing illegal activities committed by a major voting machine company. And Tennessee entrepreneur, Athan Gibbs, finds verifiable voting a hard sell in America and dies before his dream of honest elections can be realized.

UNCOUNTED is a wakeup call to all Americans. Beyond increasing the public’s awareness, the film inspires greater citizen involvement in fixing a broken electoral system. As we approach the decisive election of 2008, UNCOUNTED will change how you feel about the way votes are counted in America.

Please visit:

If you can make it to Charlottesville, Va., on Thursday, February 21st, you can discuss the film with the director in person:

February 21st in Charlottesville: Free Screening of “Uncounted” With Remarks and Discussion Led By the Filmmaker

Click for larger image:
On Thursday evening, February 21st, CCPJ will screen a new film in Charlottesville on a very timely topic: the verifiability of U.S. elections. We’ll bring the writer, director, and producer of “Uncounted,” David Earnhardt, to town to show his film and then speak about it and lead a discussion.

There will be no charge for admission, and we encourage you to join us and bring along anyone who cares about how (and whether) votes are counted. The event begins at 7 p.m. at Sojourner’s Church at 1017 Elliott Avenue and will include the screening of an 80-minute film.

“Uncounted” is a nonpartisan look at election fraud and error, with a focus on the elections of 2004 and 2006 and the problems created by the expanded use of DRE (directly recording electronic) voting machines. Both Charlottesville and Albemarle residents vote on DREs.

The film trailer can be viewed at

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