Jobs Not Wars Candidates Launch New Platform

For Immediate Release: December 3, 2009
For More Info:

Three progressive Democrats who are running in primaries for Congress today declared their support for Jobs Not Wars.

The candidates are Jonathan Tasini, who is challenging appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY); Regina Thomas, who is re-challenging BlueDog John Barrow (GA-12); and Marcy Winograd, who is re-challenging BlueDog Jane Harman (CA-36). They wrote:

"After 8 years, nearly 5,300 U.S. lives, and $3 trillion, it’s time to bring our troops safely home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

"If voters elect us to Congress, we promise to vote against any funds for these wars, except to bring our troops safely home.

"We have urgent priorities at home, especially jobs, healthcare, education, and global warming. We must also reduce taxes for working families and the national debt. We simply cannot afford another $100 billion each year for never-ending wars.

"Our message to voters is straightforward: if you want Jobs Not Wars, please support our campaigns however you can."

With official unemployment over 10%, polls show jobs are the top priority for voters. Voters also oppose spending countless billions on the never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"On the crucial issues of jobs and wars, Washington isn’t listening to the American people," said Bob Fertik, president of "We need to change Washington by electing a new generation of progressive Democrats who will create millions of jobs by saving trillions on endless wars."

In the past two weeks, has raised over $22,000 for the first three "Jobs Not Wars" candidates. is also reviewing a dozen candidates for future endorsements and encouraging more progressive Democrats to run for office on the "Jobs Not Wars" platform.

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