Illinois for a World BEYOND War Chapter Event featuring David Swanson

I’ll be speaking at this upcoming event that’s meant for anyone in Illinois.

Join the Illinois for a World BEYOND War chapter for a statewide online meeting on Thursday, May 11 at 7:00pm Central, featuring WBW’s Co-Founder & Executive Director David Swanson!

The meeting will kick off with opening remarks by David Swanson, who will discuss the work of WBW globally, from the U.S. to Montenegro, Canada to Ukraine to Latin America, and more, and how WBW chapters can take action.

Then we will discuss and adopt a vision statement for the Illinois for a World BEYOND War chapter, and go into breakout rooms to discuss chapter activities, related to 1) peace education, 2) countering the dominant pro-war media narrative, and 3) influencing our elected officials to stop supporting and financing militarism and war.

Join us on May 11 to learn more about World BEYOND War and get involved with the new Illinois chapter!



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