How to Help Prosecute Bush for Two Minutes

By David Swanson

Vincent Bugliosi’s best-selling book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” may be about to become more than a book. A viable candidate for attorney general of Vermont has committed to appointing Bugliosi as special prosecutor to immediately indict Bush, Cheney, Rice, Tenet, et alia, if she is elected. Her name is Charlotte Dennett, and she and the future of the rule of law in the world need you to send every dime you can spare to her campaign.

Bugliosi struggled to find a publisher, despite his record of writing best-sellers, had to go out of the country to find a company that would make the audio version of the book, and his book has not been reviewed in a single major newspaper, although the New York Times wrote an article about the media blackout of this book (including by the New York Times) that had nonetheless become a New York Times bestseller. In fact, even those voices in the corporate media that people assume would have Vince on their shows (Maddow, Olbermann, Stewart, Colbert) have all refused. They love talking bad about Bush, but not suggesting that something might be done about it. They were the same way with impeachment. But inernational media outlets from around the world are intensely covering what Bugliosi and Dennett are doing and the prospect of seeing Bush indicted for murder.

And, even in the United States, word keeps spreading and the book keeps selling. One fan of the book has set up a site where you can fund his effort to mail a copy of the book to every attorney general and district prosecutor in the country. Other groups of supporters, like this one have generated local media coverage by sending a letter to their local prosecutor. provides on this page the book’s basic argument, a sample letter to send to a prosecutor, and a list of places in the country where things are happening.

Vermont, as many of us have grown accustomed to, is once again leading the way. Kurt Daims and other activists there have developed a way that all of us around the country can take a few minutes to help elect Charlotte Dennett apart from sending our money. Here’s how:

1. Call anyone you know in Vermont. You can also copy pages from a Vermont phonebook at the library. OR

2. Go to , , or and get phone numbers of people in Vermont. Try calling people whose names start with the same letter of the alphabet as your own.

3. Say something like: “Hello. My name is _________. I’m from ________ . Have you heard of Charlotte Dennett? She’s the brave and honest Progressive Party candidate for Vermont attorney general who’s going to prosecute Bush. I hope you vote for her!” Some people might need to hear, “No, I’m not selling anything and I’m not a member of any organization.” Maybe you can mention her web site. It’s or

There are only a handful of people in Vermont, and maybe a couple of cows, who do not want to see Bush in prison. Vermont has lost more troops per capita in Iraq than any other state. Two towns in Vermont have passed ordinances requiring the arrest of Bush or Cheney if they ever set foot there. Vermont is the only state Bush has never dared to visit as president. So, be confident in your calling. You’re calling an entire state of people like yourself. If you reach people who are too busy or uninterested, move on. If you reach people who are enthusiastic, ask them if they can call their friends. Can they contact the campaign and volunteer to put up signs? Can they write a letter to the editor? Can they hold a fundraiser for Charlotte and invite her to speak? Can they send her a check?

More information you’ll want to know:

Dennett will protect consumers and vigorously investigate inflated prescription drug pricing, credit card rip-offs, predatory bank lending, gas price gouging, and other forms of consumer fraud.

Dennett will protect workers from discrimination, such as discrimination based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and HIV status.

Dennett will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect both public and private sector employees against retaliation.

Dennett will protect the environment and oppose the relicensing of Vermont Yankee.

Dennett will reform sex-offender laws so that the police and prosecutors have better tools for catching sex offenders.

Contributions can be made online or sent to:
Charlotte Dennett for Attorney General
PO Box 281
Montpelier, VT 05601

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