How to Be a Thinking Feeling American

Alan Grayson says “This is a textbook for a college-level course on what it means to be a thinking, feeling American.  I recommend it to everyone with a head and heart.”

He’s talking about this book:  It’s called “Fix America! How Each of Us Can Help All of Us.”

I’m proud to have contributed two chapters to it, but even gladder to have read it.  What a wealth of information and inspiration.  This is a collection of the best recent blogging from the perspective of some truly progressive editors looking for guidance in how we should be thinking, talking, strategizing, and organizing.  Contributors include friends of mine, authors I knew I’d benefit from, and others relatively new to me.

They include: Robert Abston, Linda Beale, Beth Becker, Denis Campbell, Cory Doctorow, Barry Eisler, Al Franken, Joshua Holland, Karoli Kuns, George Lakoff, Jon Nichols, Matt Osborne, Ralph Paine, Lee Papa, Robert Pollin, Kenneth Quinnell, Jennie Rigg, Coleen Rowley, Linda Salter, Richard Spisak Jr., The Punk Patriot, Joan Walsh, and Cassandra Vert.

Cassandra Vert edited the book along with Abston and Spisak, and Vert contributed the greatest number of chapters, each of them extremely informative and inspiring.  True to the name Cassandra, Vert predicts the future.  But she predicts multiple possible futures, depending on what actions we choose to take.  I’m hoping that this Cassandra is listened to.




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