Hillary Finally Admits Her Funders Get What They Pay For

Hillary Clinton has finally admitted that she creates public policy, deciding life and death for thousands, based on favors that have been done for her. I know you believed that when Saudi Arabia and Boeing put millions into the Clinton Foundation that had zero impact on her crusade to put through major weapons sales by Boeing to Saudi Arabia. I know her secret speeches to Goldman Sachs can’t possibly have hinted at her providing any services in return for the big checks. But Hillary herself now says otherwise.

Hillary voted for the 2003 war on Iraq, she explains, because George W. Bush gave her $20 billion to rebuild New York.

Hillary pushed hard for a war on Libya in 2011 because, she claims, the Europeans wanted it, and they had been helping out with the U.S. led project of killing people in Afghanistan.

Hillary made these comments in the midst of a bunch of eye-catching lies, but don’t be distracted. Yes it’s outrageous that she lies that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t give inspectors free rein, and does so just moments before she excuses her promotion of the war by claiming that if Bush had let the inspectors continue their work they would have proven that no weapons existed. Sure it’s outlandish that she’s still pushing the lie about Qadaffi’s plan to “murder his own people.” Of course it’s disgusting that she suggests Libya is doing all right now. It’s perverse that when asked about her fondness for overthrowing governments she shouts “9/11” and “Hitler” and “Rwanda”!

But don’t miss the main point. Hillary is confessing that her decisions are based on personal favors, and the world be damned.


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