Greenwald, Swanson, Wright on Wars and the War Machine

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Robert GreenwaldHead of Brave New Films and producer-director  of Rethink Afghanistan about Obama’s decision to stop the war with…or more accurately the war on Afghanistan… in  2013 , one year earlier than predicted.  Are we finally to have peace or are we just moving into another war,  this time with Iran.  Producer Greenwald takes the positive point of view. 

David Swansoncovers his new book on the Military Industrial  Complex.    MIC at 50.  a collection of essays by a remarkable group of experts on the United States policyofpermanent war.  MIC at 50 includes not only distinguished journalists, professors and the like, but CIA and military alumni who once helped build that policy.

Former Colonel Ann Wrightis one of those experts.  She spent 35 years in the military before resigning to become a peace activist.  She tells her story and more…. 

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