Flyering for Hillary

Here’s a flyer in Word that can be used at events featuring Senator Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the text:

Hillary Clinton = More War

Whether or not you are committed to voting for whatever candidate the Democratic Party nominates, we are now in the primaries, the purpose of which is to make sure that nominee is the best candidate possible. Hillary Clinton is not. Apart from being a candidate, she is a Senator whose positions conflict with those of most Americans.

Ted Koppel reported on NPR that Senator Hillary Clinton’s military advisor said she plans to still occupy Iraq at the end of her second term, should she be elected. She has never disputed this.

Clinton voted for the invasion of Iraq and has voted many times to fund the occupation. She opposes ending the occupation by cutting off the funding, and always speaks of addressing the issue in 2009, not 2008 or 2007.

Clinton refuses to take any option “off the table” with regard to Iran, including launching another illegal aggressive war, and including using nuclear weapons.

Clinton has raised money at a fundraiser hosted by leading war promoter and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch – perhaps the single individual who has done the most damage to our public communications other than Clinton’s husband Bill who gave us the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Clinton has raised money by charging war industry lobbyists $1,000 each to dine with her and the congress members and congressional committee chairmen who handle their issues. Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews refers to this as “pimping.”

When Clinton attempted to speak to progressives about Iraq at the 2007 Take Back America conference, she blamed the Iraqis for our occupation of their country and was completely shocked when people booed her.

Clinton has not joined the large and growing list of Congress Members committed to voting against any bills that fund the occupation without ending it and funding a withdrawal. Clinton has not committed to fili-bustering any such bills, an approach that would require only 41 senators to successfully end the occupation.

Clinton is acting as a major influence on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, encouraging her to keep the war and Bush and Cheney around until November 2008, discouraging her from pursuing impeachment.

Hillary Clinton stands for More War, More NAFTA, More Corporate Health Insurance, More Media Consolidation, More Influence for Corporate Lobbyists.

We demand that she stand for peace now, not in 2009, that she commit to abolishing NAFTA, that she support single-payer health insurance, and that she return every dollar contributed by corporate lobbyists. We won’t hold our breath. We’ll raise our voices.

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