3 thoughts on “FBI’s Russian interference claim is ‘fear-mongering’ – David Swanson”

  1. Do you believe Russia/Putin is a threat to our elections? Do you believe the Mueller report? You will recall that when he testified before Congress, he said that they were interfering even as he spoke.

  2. P.S. This broadcast is from the network RT (Russia Today), which I’ve read is funded by the Russian government, so I would be concerned about bias in this report.

    1. Pussy Riot founder Nadezhda Tolokonnikova:
      “I’m not terrified of [Putin] at all. I don’t think you have to be terrified of him. He’s just a guy who claims that he has power, but I claim to have power too and you have power….If you talk here about mainstream liberal media in America, which speak a lot about Putin, I think it’s just a trick….They don’t really want to talk about internal American problems…. They’re just looking for a scapegoat and, you know, for Trump it’s Muslims and Mexican workers. And for liberal media in America it is Putin.” —International Business Times

      Oxford-Lexico Definitions:

      Bias: A concentration on or interest in one particular area or subject.

      Subjective: Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

      Objective: Not dependent on the mind for existence; actual.

      One can be very biased…and objective. Might you not have meant “subjective”? Will you give me a western media source that’s not “biased”? MSNBC? CNN? FOX? Is corporate owned media automatically un-“biased”?

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