Ethan McCord Needs Your Help

If our movement for peace and justice is to prevail, we must reward those who join it.  When Wikileaks released a video called Collateral Murder earlier this year, one soldier was seen in the video rescuing injured children from a van that had been attacked by a U.S. helicopter.  That soldier, Ethan McCord, spoke out against the incident of murder and the murderous war.  He and another veteran, Josh Stieber, published an open letter of apology to the people of Iraq.

Last summer peace activists were calling Ethan McCord the bravest man alive, and corporate newspapers were calling him a soldier for peace

Now Ethan McCord cannot pay his bills.  The military doesn't even "support the troops" that keep quiet.  There is little chance of it supporting Ethan.  That's our job.

Do you appreciate what Ethan has done to expose the nature of our wars?  Then please contribute directly to him.  Every penny goes straight to Ethan:



Ethan McCord has also exposed more war crimes and even worse war crimes.

This is the kind of truth-telling that our government and our corporate media do not do.  In fact, the government would like to criminalize it, and the corporate media would like to silence it.  Wikileaks is only able to expose information when whistleblowers are willing to leak information or speak out.  They must be rewarded.


Peace on Earth.

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