End the Filibuster

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It’s time for the Senate to abolish the filibuster.

The filibuster is undemocratic and contradicts the core principle that legislation should become law by majority vote. The mere threat of a filibuster can bring the business of the Senate and the American people to a halt.

The filibuster allows a minority of 41 Senators to block the will of 59 Senators. Even when 60 Senators support a bill, the 60th Senator can hold the bill hostage to individual demands that can warp important legislation.

We call on every candidate for Senate in 2010, and every Senator who will continue to serve in the 112th Congress, to pledge to vote, on the first legislative day in 2011, to change the Senate’s rules to eliminate the filibuster.

(This petition will be delivered to all current 100 Senators and all identifiable non-serving 2010 candidates for the Senate)

End the Filibuster!

Even the New York Times has a good op-ed today calling for ending the filibuster.

Please go and rec this thread on Daily Kos.

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