Emergency Demonstration: Protest Obama and Perriello War Spending and War Crimes

The candidates don’t want to talk about it, let’s make it an issue when President Obama visits Charlottesville to campaign for Tom Perriello this Friday!

Friday Oct. 29
In front of the Charlottesville Pavillion on the Downtown Mall (700 E. Main St. Charlottesville, Va)

Bring a sign, we’ll have a few extra but we’ll need more!

Come early and craft a special t-shirt to wear inside the campaign rally, especially if you plan on being heard at that rally!
(wear layers…)

-Congessman Perriello has consistently voted in favor of more funding for wars and more troops in Afghanistan. The wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have not been mentioned in any of his debates with Robert Hurt. Why is he so scared to talk about it?

-President Obama has increased war spending with the help of guys like Perriello, has increased drone attacks in Pakistan, falsely stated that the illegal war in Iraq is over, has singlehandedly determined that it is okay for him to order executions of American citizens living abroad, and still has not closed the Guantanamo prison. No wonder he still refuses to do his constitutional duty and prosecute the previous administration for war crimes…maybe because the crimes are still being perpetuated, and in some cases expanded, under the Obama administration?

-Neither Obama or Perriello want to talk about war, occupations, and the funding of these atrocities during campaign season, we need to make them talk about it! If they want enthusiasm perhaps they should try prosecuting war criminals from the Bush administration and halting their failed strategy of increased war making in Afghanistan and Pakistan!

Tom Votes for War $ — Obama Shows Up

-On July 27, 2010, 115 congress members voted against a $33 billion
escalation of the War on Afghanistan. Tom Perriello voted for it.
-On July 1, 2010, 100 congress members voted to fund only withdrawal
from Afghanistan. Perriello voted against that amendment.
-On March 10, 2010, 65 congress members voted to end the War on
Afghanistan. Perriello voted to keep it going.
-In May 2009, 60 congress members voted against dumping another $97
billion into the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Perriello voted for it. Then,
in June 2009, 202 congress members voted against that same war funding
combined with a massive bailout for East European bankers. Perriello
voted for both.
-136 congress members have signed a letter promising not to cut Social
Security. Perriello has not.

Tom Perriello: he listens to Obama. Does he listen to us?

For more information please contact:
(434) 249-3312

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