Donna Edwards Moves Right, Falls into Line

By David Swanson

Donna Edwards worked wonders by nearly beating Al Wynn in a Maryland congressional primary in 2006 and threatening to run again. Wynn had been one of the worst members of Congress and became one of the best. He transformed from a defender of loan sharks to a defender of the little guy. He shifted from backing the invasion and occupation of Iraq to opposing it and attending peace rallies. He was the first to sign onto Congressman Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against Cheney.

If only Edwards had not actually defeated him in 2008!

Edwards ran as a progressive against Wynn’s record as a war supporter and backer of corporate corruption. She never advertised her support for impeachment, but she said she was for it when I asked her. Now her campaign tells me that she opposes impeachment. And she has now signed onto the so-called “Responsible Plan” to keep funding the occupation of Iraq for at least the next 10 months but to withdraw someday as long as it’s all right with the new president – who will, of course, have unlimited power as a result of Congress’s failure to impeach the current one.

Edwards has outdone Carol Shea-Porter’s record for fastest move into line behind her Party’s commandants.

Long live challengers!

Beware victors!

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